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Welcome to Parga Boat Rental! We are a boat/yacht club located in the beautiful Parga. We have the best and the newest fleet of small and medium vessels for fun sailing trips and fishing expeditions!


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Parga Boat Rental | Yacht Club


Nothing! Except a sense of adventure!
To rent a boat all you need is to choose the boat you want, choose one of our new offers and sail away!
The only thing perhaps is, because our boats are new and our prices are low, we do have a lot of bookings so if possible just contact us ahead of time to make sure the boat you want is available!
You are in luck! The weather in Greece is as good as you can get! So bring whatever you would to a beach. Because you will probably end up doing a lot of swimming while visiting all those secluded beautiful beaches. A jacket for the wind is a good idea too, especially if you like speed. Our boats can go fast, so hang on. Our main recommendation is SUNBLOCK! With all the excitement it will be easy not to notice effects of the sun, and we want you to have only the best memories!
Of course you can! And we have the best skipper in Parga! We know all the awesome places that you can visit and get the most out of your trip!
Cost to hire a skipper per trip is only 50 €
Ant it totally worth it because not only you get to relax and enjoy the ride but you get all the knowledge of the region too!
We have 3 brand new Poseidon Blu Water motor boats. Each 4.80 meters long and can sit up to 6 people. Available in 3 colors : blue, green and red. It a perfect boat for sightseeing and exploring the shoreline. Its got latest technology so your trip goes extra smoothly!
For adrenaline lovers. This boat can go fast, its maneuverable and lots of fun to ride! The boat is 7 meters and can sit p to 6 people. Book it if you dare!
For those who love to fish we have our Sea PRO fishing boat. With this boat, all you will have to worry about is finding the fish, and the greek sea is especially generous! Now we know most of you who love to fish have your own equipment, but if you don't, we can provide it for you for an extra 50 €.
Because is one of the best fishing town in Greece!
Parga is know for its fining and is a popular destination for the lovers of the sport. You will find anything you need here: the equipment, the boats, the know how and the FISH!
If you love fishing, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!
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The most famous beaches are Valtos, Lichnos and Sarakiniko. And they definitely deserve the reputation of some of the best in Greece. However there are lots and lots of gorgeous secluded golden and aquamarine beaches that are only accessible from the sea. Inquire with us and we will tell you all the secret!
Some of the places that you absolutely must visit are Venetian Castle of Parga, the Ottoman Castle in Anthoussa village and the Springs of Acheron River! Each has its unique attraction and worth the trip.
Take the boat to nearby Sivota village famous for its crystal coves where you can anchor and swim. You will not find a place like this any where in the world!
The best place to land is Preveza, but you can also land in Corfu.
You have 3 options. Bus, car hire, taxi. There is a bus that goes from Preveza to Parga every four hours.( You will need to get center of Preveza from the airport ) You can also rent a car or hire a taxi. There is an abundance of companies offering these services so you will have no problem!
If you land in Corfu you will have to get a taxi to the port and get the ferry boat, and then again taxi to Parga. The Ferry ride is beautiful and is definitely a plus to this transfer.